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        Three methods to prevent contamination of stainless steel castings

        更新時間:2019-08-06 09:19:34

        In the process of using stainless steel casting, it will be contaminated, which is not conducive to our use, then how can we prevent it from being polluted? This article introduces three methods to prevent stainless steel casting contamination.

        1. High-voltage and high-current density impact method

        It is in the early oxidation of stainless steel castings on the use of high voltage electric shock, so that the oxidation of the part through the shock and then connected into a piece.

        2. Surface polishing method

        The idea is to fill the gaps left by the oxidized parts of the aluminum mill by grinding it down, so that the resulting gaps are joined together to act as a bridge.

        3. Surface shot peening method

        This method is to use a round head hammer to hit the gap, by beating it closed, can achieve the purpose of joining into pieces.

        The above three methods should be based on the different pollution levels of the products to choose the corresponding solutions, I hope users can remember.
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