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        What should be paid attention to when casting steel alloy castings

        更新時間:2019-08-06 09:19:34

        In order to ensure the processing quality of alloy steel castings, we generally have strict requirements when casting them. However, we still need to pay attention to the casting process. What should we pay attention to in general? This article gives you an introduction.

        A, temperature,

        Temperature has a great influence on casting quality, and a reasonable casting temperature range should be determined according to the type of alloy, casting structure and casting characteristics. Choose a reasonable casting temperature according to the type of carbon steel. Generally, the casting temperature is between 1540 ℃ and 1580℃, and the temperature of molten steel in the casting ladle is between 1540 ℃ and 1580℃.

        Second, the speed

        In terms of casting speed, under the condition of ensuring the smooth discharge of gas in the mold cavity, a higher casting speed can be adopted for castings requiring simultaneous solidification, and a lower casting speed can be adopted as far as possible for castings requiring sequential solidification.

        Iii. Operation requirements

        Our company here reminds you that the operation requirements must not be careless, generally need to follow the following 2 points to comply with:

        1. Casting large and medium-sized alloy steel pieces, the molten steel should be placed in the ladle for 1-2min after sedation.

        2. After casting solidification, cast iron and box clamp shall be removed in time to reduce casting shrinkage resistance and avoid casting crack defects.

        In fact, in our actual operation process, there are many details of the processing is also need our attention. If you want to know more about alloy steel castings, please feel free to contact us.
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