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        Wenling great ocean casting steel factory was founded in September, 1995. It is a joint-stock enterprise, covering an area of more than 30,000 square meters and building area of more than 18,000 square meters. It has more than 100 employees. In 2005, it passed the quality management system certification of China classification society.
        Our factory is a professional manufacturer of cast steel and cast iron, with advanced production and testing equipment. The main production equipment is 5 tons (non-standard) arc furnace 1, 4 tons if induction furnace 1, 2 tons and 1 ton if induction furnace each 1. 2 all-fiber heat treatment furnaces. There are 4 main molding lines, including 1 resin sand production line, 1 fat-hardened modified sodium silicate sand production line, 1 lost mold production line, and 1 clay sand production line. Lifting equipment has 32T metallurgical crane 1, 20T ordinary crane 11, 10T and 5T crane 9. 2 large shot blasting machines. 2 all-fiber heat treatment furnaces. Main testing equipment: 1 spike direct reading spectrometer, 1 three-element analyzer, 1 carbon and sulfur rapid analyzer, 1 ultrasonic flaw detector, 1 universal material testing machine, 1 anchor tensile testing machine, and other online molten iron testing, metallographic analysis and impact test equipment.
        Our factory is the main steel casting parts manufacturer in zhejiang province. Over the years, it has occupied an important share in the shipbuilding industry in zhejiang province, and some of its products have been exported to guangdong, hainan, fujian, Shanghai, jiangsu, shandong and other provinces and cities. The main types of Marine steel castings are cast steel anchors (including speke anchors, hall anchors, navy anchors, large grasping anchors, two-claw anchors for fishing boats, etc.) and stern rudder system castings (including rudder boom, stern shaft tube, upper and lower rudder socket, etc.), deck machinery castings, anchor lip, etc. The above products have been approved by zhejiang fishing boat inspection bureau (ZY) and zhejiang ship inspection bureau (ZC). In addition, we also undertake all kinds of mechanical steel castings, such as general carbon steel, alloy steel and stainless steel castings for construction machinery, mining machinery and chemical machinery.

        Since 2010, our factory has made great efforts to research and develop automobile mold castings, and made use of resin sand solid mold casting disappearing mold technology to produce automobile molds of cast steel, cast iron, automobile molds, die stands and cold punching molds. In addition, there are large machine tool castings. After several years of efforts, the quality of products has been improved very quickly, and the number of customers has been increasing. There are many customers in huangyan, ningbo, nantong, nanjing and other places. In order to reduce production cost and casting price, our factory has developed the lost mold production process of vacuum by loose sand, and introduced the foreign foam mold production unit into the factory. In this way, as long as customers provide drawings or dimensional data, our factory can provide a series of services from foam mold production to terminal casting products.

        Due to the shrinking of shipbuilding industry in recent years, our factory transferred most of its production capacity to cast iron in time. In 2011, we added a resin sand production line, equipped with 25 tons and 10 tons rocker sand mixer for the production of large machine tool castings, expanding the production of cast iron. Now ningbo, huangyan and some of the city's machine tool manufacturers become our customers. At present, the single weight of cast iron is 15 tons. In addition, our factory is also equipped with simple production line of clay sand to undertake small iron parts business.
        This factory technical force is abundant, has the casting engineer 12 people, is zhejiang province casting association member unit, China loses the mold association member unit, zhejiang province shipping industry association member unit. Master from cast steel to cast iron, from CO ? clay sand, sodium silicate sand, disappear fat hardening sodium silicate sand molding to the resin sand and molding and so on a variety of melting and modelling of a complete process. We are looking forward to providing high quality castings for the manufacturers of automobile mould frame, machine tools and so on.

        地址:浙江省溫嶺市石塘鎮上馬工業區 電話:+13634059392
        浙ICP備11064964號-2 傳真:+86-576-86554900 Copyright 2019 溫嶺市大洋鑄鋼股份有限公司 All Rights Reserved.

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